How to Get More Leads For Your Dock Construction Business

Posted by JaamZIN on 3:45 AM
Dock construction is a competitive industry, with plenty of qualified companies vying for the same contracts. That's why excellent marketing is a prerequisite for success. Unless you're getting tons of qualified leads on a regular business, your company is likely losing out to those with the right marketing touch.

Get More Organic Traffic With Effective SEO

By now, you've probably heard about how website traffic is valuable for any dock construction business. Qualified visitors to your site can put in requests for estimates or dial you up directly for more information.

Companies like Decks & Docks are prime examples of building websites that work perfectly for lead generation. Visitors to their site can navigate quickly to get in contact with a dock construction company.

Decks & Docks is a firm that does lead generation for companies in Florida and nearby areas. They route customers to the best vendor for dock material or decking services. A similar approach will work for any business in the industry. As long as the proper emphasis on SEO is there from the beginning, a website is a foundational marketing asset that brings in new people.

Consistent Social Media Marketing Wins Deals

Another way to attract new clients for docks is with a consistent social media marketing campaign. It's not enough to post a few times and then quit. Your audience expects to hear from you a lot. The dock builders who invest in managing their social profiles reap the rewards.

Consistency is such a big deal because it separates one account from another over time. Anyone can do a few posts and spend a few minutes online, but it takes dedication to build an audience and engage. At times it may seem frustrating, but that's when it's worth remembering that social media traffic is valuable! All online visitors have a value, and the more of them that visit your business website, the better it is for revenues.

Build up a Solid Review Base

Customers who are looking for new vendors want to know what that firm's existing clients think. That's the primary reason that reviews are such a big deal online. They show a consensus opinion that helps prospects decide on using a service or not. Construction businesses won't necessarily get a ton of reviews, so it's worth cultivating a relationship with customers and asking them to add their two cents online. Not everyone wants to, but a percentage of your happiest clients will be glad to do it.
There's no reason to do the work yourself since low-costs apps exist that make collecting and responding to reviews easy. If you plan on getting money from your website or at least using it to service customers, reviews are a smart cornerstone to build on.

Stay in Touch With Email

The best move possible is to ask customers and prospects for their email and permission to send them a newsletter. Once they decide to opt-in, you'll be able to stay in communications with them over time. Otherwise, many of these people will forget all about you and end up doing business with a competitor.

Maintaining a newsletter is not too challenging, and it's a convenient way to send offers to people. If you have industry and company news that's worth sharing, it pays to send a message to those with the highest levels of interest.

Make It Easy to Reach Your Business

Most customers searching online do so with a phone. It's savvy to make it easy for them to call you to answer quick questions. It's also worth providing live chat links and email followups. Online searchers expect fast and thorough service, especially when inquiring about a high ticket item. They also are testing the waters to see how responsive your company is when they engage.
Even if you use an answering service to handle phone calls, make sure to respond in a timely fashion. Nobody wants to wait for days to get a callback. Your website contact page should have all the pertinent information it takes for anyone to get in touch with you.

Word of Mouth Is Helpful

Developing a good reputation with customers helps get more people to try your company. Recommendations are compelling because they come from trusted sources. If you have a sales department, it's worth engaging with old clients after the sale to see if they're satisfied. If they are, it's possible to get them to come up with a few other people worth calling. Not everyone needs dock work, but people who do may travel in the same circles. Tapping into referrals is a tested and proven way to generate more leads.

Pull All out All Stops

It's worth experimenting with different methods of decking marketing to see what works best. Not all strategies work for each industry, so methodical experimentation is the preferred method to determine your leading techniques. For many, a website and social media marketing are more than enough. Others may decide they do better with email marketing and paid ads. What matters is that you find a sustainable way to bring in more revenue every day.

One thing about marketing is that it's continually evolving. That's because sometimes new ideas work better than ones that have been in use for years. You may always try to catch people's attention, whether it's online or with targeted local marketing. You may be able to gain some publicity if you're willing to host an event. There are no hard and fast rules for doing it right; that's why a bit of improvisation is worth trying.

Getting new leads is as important as doing construction and install dock material right. Without one, you won't have enough jobs to sustain a living. With lead generation strategies in place, your coffers will remain filled with likely prospects who are ready to build. That way, your enterprise will stay stable and have all the jobs necessary to continue. That's the result of any successful lead generation program.

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