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Having imagination is one thing but being able to imagine a new world and creative fantasies and conceptual designs, turning them into a visualized photograph is something completely on another level! We sat down with Izzy from @izzybll on instagram, and Got you some inside scoop on how this is done.

So how does one take one’s imagination and turn that into a fascinating concept? “Honestly, you just have to let your imagination run wild and not have anything holding it back, its like being an adult but still having the imagination of a 4 year old” Said Izzy. Izzy uses Adobe Photoshop and compliments his final pieces by either combining tools from one or more other software’s such as Adobe Lightroom and Cinema4D for any rendering needed. 

Izzy is better known for his realism in conceptual art where he adds fantasy into reality, Really manipulating the photograph/s in certain ways and we asked him to give us the top five tips to improve or create better manipulation and surreal visual art.

  1. Probably the most important aspect of any photo-manipulation task is getting lighting and shadows correctly as this plays one of the biggest parts in giving it that real look and blend, of course this going with colour blending as well. 
  2. Brushes are really important as well, you could do alright with the stock ones however I would really suggest downloading some advanced brushes , or create your own brushes where these could be used to add realistic textures which leads on to the third tip! 
  3. Textures! Very important to any element in an image, it can look like a duck but if it does not have the texture of a duck it just simply won’t cut it! The reason for any texture whether on the ground of the image or any element is to make it look realistic and suited to the real world item/surface/element. 
  4. Lightroom! You may be a fan, you may not be, But the fact is that after creating your piece you’ll need to modify those colours and tones to give it the feel you are aiming for, sure you can do this in photoshop too however, Lightroom has a few extra steps above photoshop when it comes to contrast , curves and in-depth elevation settings for highlights, contrasts and more tools which you can use to truly give the feeling you want to achieve when looking at your final art work. 
  5. Even when you’ve already spent hours, days or weeks on your final art work , Do not be afraid to change it! Many believe that they might ruin it by trying new things or changing something on the image, Do not b afraid to try new things as this is how you will learn new techniques and styles of editing. You may even end up with a completely different idea for your concept!

So Izzy gave us and our readers some great tips and we will be putting these to use! Bellow we will display some of the artist’s great work and we hope it will motivate you to create your own and encourage your creativity!

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