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Founder of the renowned clinic named for him, as well as the Paleo Pharmacy, Dr. Lane Sebring is headquartered in Wimberley, Texas. Dr. Sebring earned his undergraduate in biology from the University of Texas and went on to get his doctorate from that same university's medical branch in Galveston, Texas. Later, he finished residency in family medicine and worked at a primary care facility until 1996.

Now considered one of the world experts on Paleo eating regimens and an entire area of study centered on Paleo eating and lifestyle. We sat down with Dr. Sebring and discussed several topics within the general subject of Paleo medicine.

How has paleo changed your life and your patients' lives for the better?

It has certainly helped me stay healthy and learn the importance of incorporating proper eating and exercise into my life as I get older. Paleo eating gives the body everything it needs to get through the day. Compared with the standard Western diet, Paleo is far superior and my patients prove it every day.

Describe some of the benefits people experience when sticking with a paleo diet?

There are literally hundreds of benefits, so I'll just mention my favorite three. First, Paleo eating promotes better diabetes management outcomes in people who have to deal with that malady, which totals about 30 million in the U.S. alone.

Second, Paleo eating can enhance and promote cardiovascular health, which is something everyone should be interested in. Finally, anyone wanting to get their weight under control can do well by following a Paleo diet, which shuns low-nutrient foods and foods high in "empty" calories. This conclusion is backed by the National Institutes of Health. Like I said, those are just three of the key benefits, but there are many, many more.

Share a moment in your career you're most proud of
It has to be the day I opened my clinic. That marked the first time in my career that I was truly independent and was doing exactly what I wanted to be doing: helping the greatest number of people achieve a higher quality of life in terms of health.

What is one of your favorite books on paleo?

Top of the list is Loren Cordain's incredible book that came out in 2002 but is a classic in its category. It's called "The Paleo Diet," and was the book that opened my eyes to a whole new world of scientific inquiry.

Since that first book, Dr. Cordain issued a revised version I believe, in 2010, as well as specific books about how athletes can use the Paleo diet. He also put out a cookbook and a "7-day" Paleo diet book. So, pretty much any one of those would be a smart place to start for people who want to really dig into the Paleo philosophy.

How To Learn About All Things Paleo From Dr. Sebring?

Anyone who would like to learn more about Dr. Sebring, find out how to prepare some simple Paleo recipes, or just discover more facts about the Paleo philosophy of health should visit Dr. Sebring's blog at, or the main site for The Sebring Clinic, at He can also be contacted through his Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or Vimeo links, listed below:

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