Connecting With Ali Mayar, Merchant Cash Advance Expert

Posted by JaamZIN on 10:25 PM
Ali Mayar is a trusted leader in the merchant cash advance industry. After 18 years of refining his excellence in the field of finance, he recognized an area in that was underserved: Small and medium-sized businesses needed capital fast without the hassle of going through other finance loan alternatives.

In 2012, to address this unmet demand for businesses to receive customized financial solutions, Ali Mayar founded Platinum Rapid Funding Group. Recently, we had a chance to speak with him about his exciting journey in the merchant cash advance industry.

Can you give us an overview of the merchant cash advance industry?

I'll be glad to. First, I'd like to clarify what the term "merchant cash advance" means. A merchant cash advance company gives recipients of funds access to working capital quickly. It offers capital to a business in exchange for a percentage of its upcoming receivables.

A merchant cash advance can take some of the stress off a company that is experiencing a short-term financial emergency or if it just wants to receive capital in order to quickly reach its business goals.

Tell us about Platinum Rapid Funding Group. What has that journey looked like?

The journey has been one of steady growth both internally and for those whom we serve. We back it up by knowing how to address the financial challenges many businesses face.

Platinum Rapid Funding Group has sound answers to financial questions regarding what businesses need when they need it, and why they need it. We thrive off being able to help them secure funding in an efficient way. Our clients appreciate being able to avoid going the traditional bank loan route which is riddled with red tape, restrictions, and disappointments.

How do you motivate your team and hold them to high standards?

We only hire business professionals who already adhere to higher standards in the financial service industry. They come onboard being self-motivated with a proven track record of excellence and professionalism. Like me, they possess an ingrained disposition to strive to be the best in the field. This is a quality that all of our team members share. We have an open-door policy and we believe in transparency.

What's most rewarding leading your (large) team at Platinum Rapid Funding Group?

What's most rewarding is seeing tangible results. I see them every day. We've helped many companies get through a rough patch and go on to grow their businesses exponentially in a short period of time.

Other businesses have secured funding from us wanting to reach a business goal within a specific period. They would have not been able to do so in a timely manner without our prompt assistance. The staff at Platinum Rapid Funding Group feeds off our clients' successes. It really makes what we do even more worthwhile.

Share one action item our readers can implement to become more successful tomorrow.

Because your customers expect your business to stay competitive, assess the health of your equipment. Make sure it stays benchmarked with your industry's peers. If you're using outdated equipment, you may be in need of a merchant cash advance to make obtaining new equipment a reality so you can stay as competitive as possible in the market.

No matter what your goals are, we at Platinum Rapid Funding Group can give you an honest assessment and determine if a merchant cash advance is right for you.

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