Siren Guard Review: Peace Of Mind For The Whole Family

Posted by JaamZIN on 10:16 AM
Are you ever concerned about what might happen to you while walking home from work at night? What about your child on their way home from school? While most personal protection solutions carry the risks of conflict escalation and even causing a tragic accident, Siren Guard provides peace of mind without the same risks.

Why Siren Guard Stood Out to Me

I've never been a fan of violence, so I was never certain if I could bring myself to pull the trigger on a firearm or even a can of pepper spray if the situation warranted. Pulling a perceived weapon is likely to escalate any difficult situation, increasing my risk if I couldn't use it.

School shootings have unfortunately become quite commonplace, so I wanted my kids to have protection as well. Of course, giving them a weapon to do so was obviously out of the question. How could I get the peace of mind me and my family needed without contributing to the problem?

That was when I discovered the Siren Guard, a handy little key chain alarm that produces up to 130dB of sound once activated. It sounds just like a police siren, forcing most attackers to head for the hills as soon as they hear it. If they attempt to ignore it, the Siren Guard is loud enough to be heard for miles, allowing passersby and law enforcement to reach a given location easily.

Unlike competing products that require a Master's Degree is Gadgetry to figure out, Siren Guard does not have a complicated setup process or "companion app." Instead, you just pull out a pin from the side of the device to activate the alarm, and push a big button to turn it off. My nine-year old son was initially disappointed that he wouldn't have a new electronic toy to play with (he has the aforementioned Master's in Gadgetry), but he soon understood that this device was for safety, not fun.

Many Trusted Reviews

I loved the idea of a personal alarm, but I needed to determine if it was actually as effective as it claimed. Thus, I went online to read some reviews.

There's no shortage of them, each pointing out another type of person the Siren Guard can help. The first Siren Guard review I was found was on The author detailed how it gave her peace of mind to know that her two kids could "sound the alarm" whenever they felt threatened.

Serial entrepreneur Agam Berry also posted a Siren Guard review on his Medium account. As an entrepreneur, he's often out and about at odd hours. The Siren Guard allows him to deter any attackers without resorting to a weapon.

Finally, noted the advantages of a personal protection device that you can take with you when you travel. Why should you feel threatened just because you're on a plane?

Get Peace Of Mind Today With Siren Guard!

If you're interested in the peace of mind that the Siren Guard can provide, it's available for purchase on Amazon and The manufacturer offers bulk discounts in the form of bundle offers. If you purchase one Siren Guard for $42.90, you'll receive a second one free! If you buy two for $82.90, three more are on the house. If you pay $122.90 for three, an additional seven will be included with your order. That's probably enough for everybody in your household and then some!

If you want to protect your friends too, you can get a "family deal" of 20 devices for just $202.90. I love a good buy, but you should consider how many devices you actually need when choosing a package. A few extra wouldn't hurt in case they get lost though!