Michael (Mike) Asimos' Top Five Favorite Wine Stops In Paris

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Michael Asimos has two great passions in life: wine and traveling. Taking a trip to a vineyard is a great way to indulge both interests at once, and Asimos has traveled extensively in his quest to find the best wines.

That said, sometimes the best wines come from exactly where you would expect them to. Paris, France has a multitude of great wine bars and restaurants, and Asimos recently shared his five favorites with us. You'll definitely want to keep this list handy for the next time you visit Paris!

Top 5 Wine Stops in Paris

1. A La Main

This deli/wine bar hybrid was opened by two friends in the Haute-Corse region of Corsica Island to capitalize on a local cuisine that the world has yet to experience. Its impressive wine list highlights numerous selections from the surrounding area, including a white Domaine Granajolo (or Porto Vecchio) with a light and fruity flavor.

Each vintage is expertly paired with bar snacks too. For example, Felix Torr charcuterie made with Corsican pork sourced from local micro-producers is an excellent complement to the 2014 vintage of the wine above.

The establishment's reliance on Corsican producers means that you encounter brands and farms that you may not have much familiarity with. However, A La Main does a great job serving as an accessible gateway to the cuisine of the area.

2. Etna

This little wine bar is located near Odeon, but has neither the outrageous price tags or tourist trap feel commonly associated with the area. The building has a classy black frontage accentuated with exposed stone and wood, making it a comfortable place to spend a few hours.

All the wines served here are sourced from organic grapes and are processed by hand without any artificial chemicals, creating an all-natural sipping experience. You might think that this would hurt the wine list Etna is able to provide, but they have over 350 selections to choose from. They don't offer a menu though, so you need to rely on your server's recommendations to get what you want. That makes it different, but it's not bad. Any true wine connoisseur will enjoy the resulting conversation immensely.

There is a food menu consisting primarily of delicious charcuterie and tapas, each with a recommended wine pairing.

3. La Cave a Michel

Formerly the Contre-Etiquette wine cellar, this rustic establishment was renovated into a wine bar in 2014. It's located near the place Saint-Marthe, a popular "bobo" destination that travelers should have little difficulty finding.

The wines here are unique enough to stand out in a crowded marketplace. For instance, bottles of rose have labels drawn by the illustrators of the world-renowned satirical paper, "Charlie Hebdo." They are also organically produced and paired with meat cuts sourced from a Spanish shop down the street for an unforgettable experience.

The manager, Fabrice, also adds a lot to the experience. He seems to greatly enjoy his role as host, chatting up the patrons about everything from wine tasting to bottle labeling as they sample his products.

4. Le Porte-Pot

Le Porte-Pot combines a lively atmosphere with a curated wine selection. It's located at 14 Rue Boutebrie, making it easy to find. The owner is a sommelier, so you can count on a stellar wine list whenever you visit.

That said, Thursday nights are unquestionably the best time to come here. A jazz concert accompanies your beverage of choice on the unofficial "after-work party night" in Paris, creating a very pleasurable evening.

5. O Chateau

The O Chateau is the only wine bar in Paris to earn the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence. It's easy to see why, as they offer a selection of the finest wines available by the glass. A pairing menu consisting of tapas with recommended wine pairings is also available.

However, the establishment's oenology courses (available in both French and English) are the real highlight here. Oenology is the study of wine. If you thirst for both knowledge and a great wine, these courses should not be missed!

The O Chateau is located on Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, giving it a central location that's easy to add to any travel itinerary.

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