Posted by JaamZIN on 6:31 PM
In the Fashion Industry, your work is not only your creation but your own representative as an artist, designer, and professional. Brazil’s Pamela Colpo is a prime example of this. When Andre Jorio (Account Director of Be Red) saw her work with the Mormaii brand inside AMC's platform, he recognized its excellence. He had been looking for someone like Colpo who could influence the Chilli Brand line with the same style and sensibility that Mormaii had, which Pamela happened to be an integral part of. Jorio invited her to be the fashion designer/coordinator of all brands for Be Red women's wear. With her own vision, she led the campaign as well as runway styling. Her role as Fashion designer and stylist of the Chilli Beans Winter 2017 campaign in Tokyo Japan resulted in immense attention on both the Chili Beans line and Colpo herself. While Andre had asked Colpo to join the Chilli Beans team following the collections completion, Pamela would do the styling of all brands of the Be red group in Japan. It was her purpose to bring this wild, modern, contemporary look of Chilli Beans to the consumer.

The look of Colpo’s presentation was urban, cool, and sexy. The Chilli Beans consumer is a person who likes to be involved in night life and enjoys being an urban citizen… The “pepper” is the sexy side of the brand. Pamela went with the Be Red brand for the photo shoot of all four lines with the umbrella theme of Japan. The schedule and method mirrored the literal perspective of the shoot with exciting locations like Harajuku, Chinatown and a guerilla style dressing room in the van during the cold Japan winter. The clothing and the photos of Chilli Bean are trendy & spontaneous. It was a deliberate calculation to present these elements in the streetwear brand, depicting a night experiencing the streets. The combination of art, life, and energy is displayed as Colpo describes, “We went to Chinatown in a big van which the models changed in. We couldn't have a fixed spot because we were going to photograph on the streets and the proposal was to have this movement. We would be doing hair and steaming clothes in alleyways…not a glamorous setting but we were more interested in capturing excitement than creating an imaginary dream state. I remember stopping a gentleman who was walking his big dog and asking him to let the dog be in some photos. We wanted reality to be a big part of this. That being said, it wasn’t dull in any way. We put a pink wing on the model, really cool and wild. I tried to show that Chilli Beans person is really cool, a little bit sexy and extravagant but in a real way; a young adult that are not afraid of changes and really knows what she/he wants. The look is authentic, fashion, transgressor. With look that we can use during day or night. Nothing too much out of reality, plus it’s a commercial brand and Brazil still have a conservative thinking in some places. That’s why we played with the wing.

The fashion industry has received criticism for pandering to “unrealistic” body types and sizes. Colpo notes that this is something that the Chilli Beans brand openly contradicts, and she feels This is a very Brazilian element. She comments, “For the most part, Brazilian people are ethnically mixed. As a result, we are very open to beauty in a different standard than some other parts of the world. The Brazilian way is to see beauty in the individual and the embracing of joy. In my work, I didn't follow a body type, I preferred to follow the main pillars that the Brand wanted to expose: Sexy, urban, and fashion…to allow any person with any type of body who identified themselves with those “values” to feel connected with the clothes.” There’s a lot of positivity, joy, and talent in Pamela Colpo and her fashion based view of the world.