Emilio Salerno - Actor

Posted by Zannnie on 12:48 PM
From a very young age, British-born Emilio has shown a burning passion for entertainment. Taking the lead roles in school plays and being headhunted by theater companies, he's always been able to adapt to different scenarios and exceed expectations. As he turned 15 his voice talents were spotted by a sound engineer whom worked for Little Entertainment group (now Fubuloo) and has since starred as a voice in Team Umizoomi and in 2014 took the lead dubbing role of character Iftach in the Nickelodeon teen drama; The Greenhouse.
Since his various voicing roles he has become acquainted with Amarok Films, an independent Gloucestershire/London based film company with which he has already taken three on-screen roles under his belt within just one year of on-screen acting. Being highly appraised by all those he has worked with thus far Emilio was approached to actually join as a creative director at Amarok films. His notable work includes the award-winning "Destitute Blues" music video in which he took the lead role, "The Pursuit of Normality" an independent feature film and has been accredited to many up and coming roles not yet announced. With 2017 already shaping up to be a busy year for Emilio, he has already been asked to be assistant director and associate producer for Joshy Lee's visionary short film "Sunset Hill (2017). With all this in mind, this is one up and coming star not to be missed!

Here is an interview about Emilio on TheCrazyMind.com

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