The Deceitful Heart

Posted by JaamZIN on 9:29 PM

James Godfrey's book "The Deceitful Heart" is giving action-thrillers a new look with this unique writing style and a very fresh and real-life based character development the author brings to us through his book.

The story begins with a twisted crime scene. It sucks the reader right in because it seems impossible to wrap our heads around what lead to DJ Ice's murder yet there is a character we don't know much about yet, who gives off a James Bond like vibe, that nothing is impossible. It is unfortunate although that he was unwillingly brought into the investigation.

The author created his characters very carefully based on real-life counterparts which helped him visualize better. These characters are from his life who have passed away and this is his way of honouring them.

The main character is Stg James Travers who is actually based on the authors utalized life experiences both professional and personal. Personally, I value this kind of dedication, he not only put his heart into this book but also parts of his own personality can be found in it.

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