Nancy Behrman

Posted by Zannnie on 11:08 AM

As the owner of one of the most dynamic agencies in the field, Nancy is known for transforming smart ideas into epic solutions. Every client, corporate or niche, is an opportunity to harness her inventive spirit and hands on “make it happen” approach. The results? Million dollar enterprises and cult classic brands that always awaken the imagination and set the trends.

Nancy began Behrman Communications out of her studio apartment in 1985 with one supercool brand, Kiehl’s Since 1851, and no red tape. At the time, a handful of large public relations firms and a dull corporate mindset dominated the landscape. Disenchanted by these lackluster options, Nancy discarded the outdated PR tactics of yesteryear and embraced the unconventional. There was no sitting around a conference room table talking about what should be done. With Nancy’s direction, strategic plans were formed and executed flawlessly. Under her guidance, brands were born, built, and acquired.

Nancy has earned the trust and respect of premier influencers, including celebrity makeup artists, stylists, aestheticians, physicians in dermatology and plastic surgery, and the top public relations players in the field – many of whom trained under her tutelage.

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