MoMoWallet - Helps busy MoMs find great offers

Posted by JaamZIN on 8:44 PM

Momo wallet is an app for busy moms and dads or anyone out there on a tight budget. Forget about unopened email promotions or having to worry about bringing coupons to the store. This app notifies you about promotions and sales in your area you might be interested in. The way it works is you select your favorite stores or the ones you visit most often and it sends you notifications when something goes on sale.

This app can be very useful for people who tend leave their shopping lists at home or lose their promo codes. No more holding up the line while searching for coupons. It is also beneficial for business owners to download and join the app. It makes it easier to advertise and this way they can be sure that their customers actually receive their newsletters and more likely to visit the business. I personally find this app smart and handy.

Nowadays everything is automated. People don't like having to look for things or wasting time looking through spam. Momo wallet just pops on your screen and makes your life that much easier!