The art of Barbara Gerodimou

Posted by JaamZIN on 7:08 AM

Barbara Gerodimou is a Polish-born Greek artist with a rich art history. While studying at the Technical University she realized that her world was the world of art. Therefore, she turned her passion to gold smithery. This romance would last for three years and left its golden mark on each painting.

In the early years, Barbara used a mixed technique based on oil and gold metal color. Lands surrounded to a ,,fertile” silence, female figures deep in their thoughts and the sense of a dream present everywhere, made her work unique, artistic, jewelry of narrative abstraction with intense elements of symbolism.

Her artworks “Light” is her latest series of paintings which helps us envision a theatrical show of two acts. The first act depicts a reality and the feelings the paintings provoke within us. The second act begins with the presence of light defining a new scene. The bond grows and sneaks into the theater of our own thoughts. Thoughts that may be new.

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