Posted by Zannnie on 6:04 AM


For years I pondered where that $1 Million deposit to my old Sovereign Bank account came from. The money came not from a screenplay, Nobel, or perpetual motion prize, but from a $1 million dollar check for a painting I received on the street. When I went to the bank, the bank teller told me it was a fake check, but I told her to try to cash it anyway, maybe it would go through. Anyway, I lost confidence because of what the teller said, I even tried to have the man who gave me the check arrested. But it seemed like too much trouble, so I told him he could have the painting, a million dollars or not. After that, I assumed it was all over, until an unimaginable time later (around 2009), the check CLEARED in my account. Since I didn't know where such a vast sum had come from (having still assumed the check was fake), and fearing some kind of unwilling loan scheme, I told the bank to return the money to whoever has sent it!… It wasn't until the Presidential Election in 2016 that I realized where the money came from! In short, Hyper-Cubism is now likely worth at least $1 Million.