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Support an artist

We color the world,
the best we can, showing
you how we view the world
from inside our minds
The ballad of the mind
from the thoughts of a dreamer
support this dreamer
who might ignite
your dreams

We are art lovers and lover of our island Jamaica, so here is a thought why not combine the love of art and the love of our Island and create something entirely new? we arr artist with a day job, we have goals, we have dreams, we have hope, we have love, we have strength, we have unity and with these we move forward and up towards the heights of life we wish to reach and hold within our hands, mind and hearts. Yes it is not all butterflies and dandelions but that what art is, capturing the beauty of Earth and the darkness of the world, that is where we fall in, all artist accomplishes this in many different ways, we seek to find our own way of expressing our art.
We are JahCreate, the jam life as we know it
sharing our ballad of the mind

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