Stink Moves In - book review

Posted by JaamZIN on 9:35 AM
Tammi Landry-Gilder is an author, wife, mother, and blogger who lives in West Bloomfield, Michigan, with her husband, two sons, two dogs, one missing frog (now presumed deceased), a bearded dragon, and too many fish in a tank to count. Her new book, "Stink Moves In", is the story of a boy who learns to love a hairy, pesky little rodent that has taken up residence in the boy's home. "Stink Moves In" can be purchased at

This is a heartwarming tale with all its illustrations drawn by young children. This boy in the story is the main character and his adventures as he learns to love a pest. He had been challenged to think about the many ways on how to remove the mouse.

Rodents are known to be creepy. However, Stink has been completely illustrated in this story by children and thus brought to life as a colorful character which makes it a unique book in itself. Stink is hairy and also an annoying little pest.

Tammi Landry-Gilder, the author constantly makes you wonder how it is able to live in the boy's house. What's more, for the boy to fall in love with it. And she did a great job to lead us on his journey.

The book is recommended for children from preschool to third grade. It is s unique piece because it is illustrated only by children. All pictures inside the book were drawn by elementary school students, and even the cover art was drawn by a fifteen-year-old girl.