Sitara Collections

Posted by JaamZIN on 9:48 AM

Sitara Collections was started with a mission to bring artisan handmade jewelry and gifts from India to the USA. You can feel good about your purchase because Sitara Collections is dedicated to giving back to the region that’s given the world so much beauty. 

First, they contract with highly skilled Indian artisans who are paid fairly for their remarkable designs. This also allows the artists to keep traditional craftsmanship alive while working from their own villages. 

Secondly, Sitara Collections donates a portion of their net proceeds to the Sitara Foundation, which supports the SVV School in India. It’s their way of putting a little love and equality into every purchase. 

Sitara Collections promotes socially conscious shopping by offering inspiring handmade jewelry and gifts that are ethically produced by talented artisans. Over the years, Sitara Collections has developed partnerships with artisans based on trust and mutual respect and with the singular goal of bringing their high quality, handcrafted jewelry and fair trade gifts to the global audience. 

These are people Sitara Collections know personally, and they are excited to help turn their time-honored traditional craftsmanship of jewelry and gifts—each piece distinctive in its ancestral provenance while also managing to capture a contemporary allure we know you will love.

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