Real Artists

Posted by JaamZIN on 6:38 AM

Cameo Wood is a film director with a special interest in science fiction filmmaking. She's combined her studies in artificial intelligence and medical neuroscience to create scientifically-minded stories, and strives to support underrepresented voices.

We live in a time of incredible technological changes. Scientists are working on algorithms that monitor and copy human emotions. It is becoming harder and harder to compete with computers in the workforce since they have been taking over jobs that only humans were able to do. This short film of Cameo Wood, the Real Artists points out the surrounding issue of future filmmaking where an Artificial Intelligence takes over the production.

Sophia is a determined, young animator trying to pursue her career but she has to realize that things are about to change. She is faced with the mortifying truth when she enters a room full of people making a movie by starring at a big screen.

I am not a film critique nor do I have extended knowledge on animation or film-making, but I see a general message here. This short story is trying to show us something very relevant. Technology has its pros and cons just like everything else, but it becomes scary when we lose the human touch in something so delicate as art. Art would not exist without individuality and uniqueness. Two very important features that make us human and makes art.

Listen to our audio interview with Cameo Wood:

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