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What is the humanism challenge about?

My humanism challenge is about finding that which makes us better. The challenge is meant to bring forth an active need to get involved with each other instead of piling ourselves in the screens of a cell phone. I want to show the kindness of human beings by trying to bring people together in a movement to act with our hearts and not our greedy souls. We have seen far too much violence being exploited by the media, and I think if we act to shine light on the good things in life we may see a slight change. In a prior post I write an apology “ So let me apologize to those that are not humanists as being a humanist is about caring for life. Every life matters. We are not above or below one another. Nor are we made to fight against one another because of the color of our skin, or the cultures we follow. A open mind is a perfect mind.” In my eyes, this speaks perfectly to what the humanist challenge is about and I would love to see people spin a creative twist on this little challenge.

Which are 3 topmost challenges, and why?

I think the hardest challenges on my humanism list stem from what is hard for me to do. One such challenge is making something handmade because I am not much of a crafter, nor do I have the grandest ability to do origami. I think one time I tried to do a flower but had to fold it up and throw it out. I’ve tried to knit, weave, make jewelry, and other artsy stuff my brain always screws it somehow. I really wanted to give a person a handcrafted gift but all I could do was manage to make them a card for their birthday. Go me...right?

My second most difficult challenge was not difficult by the act but was difficult by character. I needed to pick a world topic that bothered me and I still have half a mind to go on a tangent about the Sandy Hook shooting that happened in Connecticut years ago. The event is supposed to be relevant to recent news, and display a problem people are having in a place far far away from our home land. ( no matter where you are just make sure it is another country if you partake in the challenge.) I have yet to write up on this number on my list which is number twenty nine if you are curious because it’s so difficult for me to find one subject that is distinctively a problem worldwide that I can say is truly an issue on a societal level aside from technology.

The last difficult challenge for me was keeping at it. Life often finds its fleeting hands pushing us away from writing like a gust of wind can flutter a feather farther than we could run in a second. I found it more difficult trying to make sure I meet each goal or post in a week hard because I had to make sure to jot down what I did that week, or to write the post based on pure memory. However, I think it made me challenge my own perceptions of life, and make me more accepting of people overall.

What inspires you to write and share about the topic about humanism on your "Diary of Fantastic Discoveries"?

Just like everyone has a reason for picking the job they want to study I have a reason for picking up the topic of humanism. I have a sob story which is kind of like a river that never stops getting overflowed. My mother is a handicapped woman having had to raise two children on her own with only a one thousand dollar a month income. It taught me self sacrifice, acceptance, and the struggle of having to find a way to make ends meet. Most of all it made me think that human nature is a complicated beast. We are both kind, and greedy. I wanted to spread light on helping other human beings are struggling like me because life is not easy, nor is it kind to those who are less fortunate. The topic choice is more to help me keep a positive light about humanity than to believe in the negativity of human beings. Our human hearts need compassion as much as we need sleep.

What are essentially the reasons in your personal opinion, to why toxicity exists?

I believe toxicity rests in our societies because of human nature. Human nature is evolving and as it does so we do to. We have become ridden by toxicity due to our consumeristic society, and our inability to let technology rest. If you think about most relationships these days have to go through dealing with social media, and the angst of a lover cheating. It also makes people believe that if that every relationship will end, that a better person is out there, and that no one will catch them if they do something wrong.

I mean we see plenty of tragedies on television with a lot of violent acts being spotlighted on the news. Our personalities have good points and bad points with no one being perfect not even me. So, I believe toxicity exists because people continue to feed it.

How do we base relationships on toxicity?

Our relationships are based on toxicity today because most friends believe another will stab them in the back, or that a lover will cheat. The whole friends with benefits craze is a way to pretend that toxicity is not ruling you when in reality you are keeping yourself from a healthy relationship. It is like buying a cookie and then thinking about eating a salad later. A toxic relationship is one where you feel like you're stuck in the hole between wonderland and reality that you just can’t dig yourself out of. I try to explain the core types of toxicity on my blog to try and help me understand the people around me.

Alas, after reading all of this I am also writing posts for a creative questions series. So you may find a few dimes of information in that too.

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