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Myles Stafford is an adventure novelist who lives in the Oregon rain-forest. His post-apocalypse book series is THE KILLER ANGEL. This is an exciting series about a young woman's survival in a climate somewhat similar to "World War Z" or "28 Days Later".

The Earth is in a post-apocalyptic state with only a few survivors. A virus has spread and took out the majority of the planet's population. We have heard this story before, zombie movies and books have been coming out for a couple of years now. It's frightening to think about what life would be like if we had to fight for survival on a daily basis. What it would be like to see your loved ones and friends turn into flesh eating creatures.

We learn through Nicki, the lead character, what hell might be like. So far she has survived on this rigid Earth, her experiences toughen and harden her. Somehow she stays sane, as much as she can in this world and despite the constant fight for her life, she is able to have faith and some space in her heart for love…

I find the book very immersive. As you get deeper into the story it becomes clear that the author has a strong attachment to his lead character. We learn from his short autobiography that he also works for the military. I believe his passion for saving humanity appears in his writing.

It is an easy read and the monologs make the story very believable.

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