Swan-Knight Series

Posted by JaamZIN on 12:38 PM

Ronald Paul Speakes is the author of the Swan-Night Series which is a great series of mystery novels. In an interview, we have conducted with him he mentioned that readers wondered to what extent he was like the protagonist, Richard Palgrave, who, of course, is a Swan-Knight-like character. The Swan-Knight is a legendary figure of Romance literature that appears in the works of a number of medieval authors. His answer sounded like:

"..it does feel odd, and gratifying, to have readers from various parts of the world tell me they identify with a hero whose quest is perfection -- symbolized by the elegance and beauty of a swan, which I interpret in terms of the highest qualities of life, or the understanding of life – such as science and mathematics, art and culture -- and they wonder if I think I personally live up to that ideal. Most days I'm just human, but some days . ." 

And those days might be the most creative ones when Swan-Night Series were born.