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We are happy to conduct an interview with caricature artist and illustrator, Steve Rampton from and he's got a lot of fun pop culture merchandise as well.

What is unique about your fan art and caricatures? 
With the advent of computers, art has become much cleaner and faster. The tools computer artists use can clean up every mistake and make the work "too perfect"... I like sharp lines, but I purposely keep them just slightly rough... so you know the lines are mine. The slight imperfections give it a more human touch, and your subconscious picks up on it.

How do you translate your passion into your artwork? 

I see the comedy in life everywhere I look, which is what attracted me to caricature art in the first place. People are absurd. We all are, myself included. The best (and most fun) people are those of us who know how ridiculous we really are and just embrace it. I try to inject a bit of absurdity and anarchy into my drawings.

How do you reach out to clients who would like a family, celebrity and pet caricatures created?
Currently, most of my work is from referrals from past clients. However, during slow times I do advertise on Facebook and also sell on and bid on illustration jobs on

What kind of character's expressions or poses do you think appeals to most people who appreciates personalised gifts made with caricatures? 

Typically, I'm working from photos so I try to capture whatever expression appears in the photo. Most of the time, people just want a basic, happy looking face. The personalization comes more from the props. For example, I recently did a caricature of a nurse from Alaska who is a big comic book fan and wanted himself drawn as The Flash. Another client is a big sports guy, so his wife had me draw him with his golf back, college football helmet, and a Cleveland Browns poster.

Why do dog owners want a custom portrait of their dog(s)? 
Some people want a caricature for their dog's Instagram profile photo. Others want drawings for gifts, or for merchandise. The most common request is for a tribute for a deceased pet.

What other services do you offer at 'Doodle My Dog'? 

I'll draw any pet/animal, I just thought the name "Doodle My Dog" sounded catchy. I've also drawn cats and even a baby goat. I've just started working with a voice actor to offer customized animated videos of talking pets.

Which are some extraordinary requests you have fulfilled so far? 
A client in India wanted an animated caricature of a Bollywood actor dressed in his most famous roles. (This project inspired me to do the same thing for Johnny Depp; you can see the animated gif here: A client in Norway wanted his wife's entire office caricatured. Not an outrageous project, but a pretty big job. Another big job last year was to take 20 celebrities and draw them as an anagram of their name. For example, Jim Carrey became "My rice jar" so I drew him clutching a jar full of white rice. 

How many online stores do you own? Which are they? 

I only personally print my work by special request. However, I do use several third party vendors including Society6, RedBubble, Design By Humans, Neatoshop, TeePublic, Imagekind, Casetify, Threadless, and Displate. Doing so allows me to offer products such as mugs, pillow cases, tote bags, phone and laptop cases, canvas, shower curtains, tee and sweatshirts, and much more. It also gives me more time for drawing since I'm not worried about printing or shipping. You can find links to all of these stores at

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