Holy Roller

Posted by JaamZIN on 12:53 AM

Inspired by the L.A. Times Headlines, Holy Roller is the gripping tale of Monsignor Frank C. Babbot. A son of County Kerry Ireland, Father Babbot is summoned to Las Vegas, Nevada to help resurrect a parish on the brink of collapse...but arrives bearing his own personal demons. Quietly struggling with a gambling addiction, “Frank” Babbot spends his nights frequenting the strip as “Father” Babbot, the charismatic preacher, occupies his days building a congregation, saving an elementary school from closure and overseeing the development of a homeless shelter. Adept at cooking the books, Babbot feeds his addiction by stealing funds from the votive candles, gift shop and other charitable donations -- always with the intent of doubling the Lord’s money. It’s a fine line between heaven and hell…between the strip and the parish. And only God knows when it will all come crumbling down.

Holy Roller - Trailer (TV Show) from Eric Mirich on Vimeo.

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