The paintings of Walter Koch

Posted by JaamZIN on 10:29 PM

"Walter Koch is a mixed media painter who started as a child with a box of crayons brightly colouring the rectangles formed by the columns and lines of large ledger sheets at his Dad’s office in Mozambique. 

Koch is interested in creating paintings on canvas and paper. For Koch the painting process involves a compelling dialogue with the canvas. A conversation, that starts with a colour or a shape, grows into phrases of bold colours and form. 

As one of his starting points, he photographs tags, graffiti and street art. These spontaneous, meaningful public expressions are saved in the memory of his digital camera and taken to the privacy of his studio. There, removed from their public context, the images undergo a process of digestion, filtration and assimilation. 

Surrounded in his studio by familiar objects, colours, sounds, smells and light, these elements are re-born on a fresh canvas that, when completed, always returns to a public site. The canvas is exhibited in a gallery which is a completely new space and ultimately ends up in someone's home or office which is yet another space, surrounded by fresh objects, colours, sounds, smells and light." (theotherartfair)

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