Ron Pucillo

Posted by JaamZIN on 11:35 PM

Ron Pucillo, actor, producer and director began his acting and writing career as a 25-year-old college student, doing various plays and writing articles on music, in particularly about his father Danny Pucillo, a famous Jazz drummer. A few years later his first script, Play Hard, was published in a local magazine, a film that was important to his career by winning an award, but wasn't made into the film. Music remained important to Ron. He was offered to be the Drummer in the rock band Alcatraz, with lead singer Graham Bonnet, and guitar player Yngwie Malmsteen, but decided to stay in his band Roma, which released a record on Paramount Records a year later. In (2013) Ron is in post on his movie Play Hard, and concurrently after two years of development, is working on a beautiful screenplay called Johnny Walker, which is now in pre-production. (Kari Nissena)

His new movie "The Downside of Bliss" is an uplifting story about second chances, a daughter's need to change her life, and find a new meaning that leads them all back home. More updates on the movie you can see on Ron's twitter account: @RonPucillo

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