Posted by JaamZIN on 2:57 AM

Budapest is my city. I was born there and I had been living in Budapest for more than 30 years. Now, that I am far away from my country, I miss the city a lot. Being there every day you even don't recognise how beautiful place Budapest is.

Right now I live in Tallinn, Estonia and it has a medieval charm. Budapest also has this face, especially in the Buda Castle district but I think the main character of the city rather resembles XIXth Century. 

What I especially like in Budapest is the huge amount of creativity. Nowadays the so called ruin pubs and different art or community related initiatives are bringing a special atmosphere to the city. 

What I miss a lot is the mild sun in summer Sunday afternoons when everyting is rather slow and peaceful, as if this large metropolis would be just a cute little town.