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    Zinpea features art, photography, travelers, creatives and cool projects of interesting people

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Michael (Mike) Asimos' Top Five Favorite Wine Stops In Paris

Michael Asimos has two great passions in life: wine and traveling. Taking a trip to a vineyard is a great way to indulge both interests at once, and Asimos has traveled extensively in his quest to find the best wines.

That said, sometimes the best wines come from exactly where you would expect them to. Paris, France has a multitude of great wine bars and restaurants, and Asimos recently shared his five favorites with us. You'll definitely want to keep this list handy for the next time you visit Paris!

Top 5 Wine Stops in Paris

1. A La Main

This deli/wine bar hybrid was opened by two friends in the Haute-Corse region of Corsica Island to capitalize on a local cuisine that the world has yet to experience. Its impressive wine list highlights numerous selections from the surrounding area, including a white Domaine Granajolo (or Porto Vecchio) with a light and fruity flavor.

Each vintage is expertly paired with bar snacks too. For example, Felix Torr charcuterie made with Corsican pork sourced from local micro-producers is an excellent complement to the 2014 vintage of the wine above.

The establishment's reliance on Corsican producers means that you encounter brands and farms that you may not have much familiarity with. However, A La Main does a great job serving as an accessible gateway to the cuisine of the area.

2. Etna

This little wine bar is located near Odeon, but has neither the outrageous price tags or tourist trap feel commonly associated with the area. The building has a classy black frontage accentuated with exposed stone and wood, making it a comfortable place to spend a few hours.

All the wines served here are sourced from organic grapes and are processed by hand without any artificial chemicals, creating an all-natural sipping experience. You might think that this would hurt the wine list Etna is able to provide, but they have over 350 selections to choose from. They don't offer a menu though, so you need to rely on your server's recommendations to get what you want. That makes it different, but it's not bad. Any true wine connoisseur will enjoy the resulting conversation immensely.

There is a food menu consisting primarily of delicious charcuterie and tapas, each with a recommended wine pairing.

3. La Cave a Michel

Formerly the Contre-Etiquette wine cellar, this rustic establishment was renovated into a wine bar in 2014. It's located near the place Saint-Marthe, a popular "bobo" destination that travelers should have little difficulty finding.

The wines here are unique enough to stand out in a crowded marketplace. For instance, bottles of rose have labels drawn by the illustrators of the world-renowned satirical paper, "Charlie Hebdo." They are also organically produced and paired with meat cuts sourced from a Spanish shop down the street for an unforgettable experience.

The manager, Fabrice, also adds a lot to the experience. He seems to greatly enjoy his role as host, chatting up the patrons about everything from wine tasting to bottle labeling as they sample his products.

4. Le Porte-Pot

Le Porte-Pot combines a lively atmosphere with a curated wine selection. It's located at 14 Rue Boutebrie, making it easy to find. The owner is a sommelier, so you can count on a stellar wine list whenever you visit.

That said, Thursday nights are unquestionably the best time to come here. A jazz concert accompanies your beverage of choice on the unofficial "after-work party night" in Paris, creating a very pleasurable evening.

5. O Chateau

The O Chateau is the only wine bar in Paris to earn the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence. It's easy to see why, as they offer a selection of the finest wines available by the glass. A pairing menu consisting of tapas with recommended wine pairings is also available.

However, the establishment's oenology courses (available in both French and English) are the real highlight here. Oenology is the study of wine. If you thirst for both knowledge and a great wine, these courses should not be missed!

The O Chateau is located on Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, giving it a central location that's easy to add to any travel itinerary.

Learn More About Michael and Follow His Wine Journeys

If you're interested in learning more about Asimos and his wine expertise, you can visit his personal blog at MichaelAsimos.com. He also posts regularly on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, so follow him there to get all the latest updates as they happen!


There seems to have always been this idea that an artistically minded individual prepares and then waits for that serendipitous moment to experience success. I don’t subscribe to this point of view. I have the benefit of years of experience in a corporate environment and it’s my perspective that being artistic and being business smart are in no way opposing sensibilities. In fact, finding the right entities to do business with enables you to further your creativity and direct you in new way, which is what artists should strive for. Sometimes these opportunities are the ones you’d least expect.

As CEO/Founder/Designer of my company EcoChic Lifestyles, I’ve been able to start a successful company based around my artistic vision under my own terms. My work is known for its vibrant use of color. We deal on a global market with some of the biggest furnishings providers on the planet. While many of my pieces are available to the public, I’ve found a great deal of success by creating custom designs that fit into public or corporate spaces. Sometimes these customers want pieces of mine which they have already seen but they often request custom designs that will help them create a unique signature feel. This doesn’t require any creative sacrifice on my part; it’s actually the opposite of this. In conferring, designing, and planning with clients who need proprietary pieces, I’m offered a way to use my voice and blend it with the surroundings.

The American e-commerce company Wayfair is a company that I have had a relationship with for years. They sell home furnishings and décor items and over ten million products from over 10,000 suppliers. Wayfair approached me because they liked the products of EcoChic Lifestyles but they were looking for pieces designed for a business setting rather than homes. While the host is Wayfair, the clients range from hotels to restaurants, bars, boutiques, bridal shops, etc. There are a wide range of needs for these different clients. I research and consider the environment and then sketch out ideas and models. I’ve created a number of custom tables and seating for these situations in a variety of custom colors. My EcoChic line is designed for sensible, effective use with a flare of color and style. Because Wayfair clients are also seeking beauty and practicality, they can go with pre-designed options or custom made pieces depending on their personal choice. Since the clientele are commercial customers, they usually have a need for functional pieces and follow a color collection. For example; the corporate colors of their corporate office or, if located in a shopping mall, colors that match the shopping centers main colors for a comfortable flow. Wood is sturdy and long lasting but often times pictured dull. My designs have the same sturdiness but a plethora of color. The color is what I believe to be the star of the pieces. I’ve always been a fan of being challenged and this work with Wayfair has allowed me to explore areas I might never have considered before. I’m very pleased with the outcome, as are the clients.

Similarly, in working with the commercial sales division of Amazon, EcoChic Lifestyles has provided furnishings for Amazon’s commercial clients to decorate their restaurants, bars, hotels, and numerous other public spaces. This is the very inverse of my work with Wayfair. In this situation a company approaches EcoChic for the very aesthetic I built my company around. I’m still the person steering the artistic vision but channeled through the lens of the client. I’m able to see pieces like the Endless Summer Chairs, Key Largo Loungers, Buoy Crazy Tables, and others in a variety of settings. While many designers think that the customers who find them will seek them out for their voice/creations that stand out, I’ve found that my influence can be subtle or profound and still come through clearly. In the same way that many of my clients want art in their business surroundings, I want business in my artistic endeavors. Working with commercial clients on a grand scale has led to the growth of my company and my creative outlook. More of us in this industry would do well to embrace this opportunity without fear of losing our “voice.”


In the Fashion Industry, your work is not only your creation but your own representative as an artist, designer, and professional. Brazil’s Pamela Colpo is a prime example of this. When Andre Jorio (Account Director of Be Red) saw her work with the Mormaii brand inside AMC's platform, he recognized its excellence. He had been looking for someone like Colpo who could influence the Chilli Brand line with the same style and sensibility that Mormaii had, which Pamela happened to be an integral part of. Jorio invited her to be the fashion designer/coordinator of all brands for Be Red women's wear. With her own vision, she led the campaign as well as runway styling. Her role as Fashion designer and stylist of the Chilli Beans Winter 2017 campaign in Tokyo Japan resulted in immense attention on both the Chili Beans line and Colpo herself. While Andre had asked Colpo to join the Chilli Beans team following the collections completion, Pamela would do the styling of all brands of the Be red group in Japan. It was her purpose to bring this wild, modern, contemporary look of Chilli Beans to the consumer.

The look of Colpo’s presentation was urban, cool, and sexy. The Chilli Beans consumer is a person who likes to be involved in night life and enjoys being an urban citizen… The “pepper” is the sexy side of the brand. Pamela went with the Be Red brand for the photo shoot of all four lines with the umbrella theme of Japan. The schedule and method mirrored the literal perspective of the shoot with exciting locations like Harajuku, Chinatown and a guerilla style dressing room in the van during the cold Japan winter. The clothing and the photos of Chilli Bean are trendy & spontaneous. It was a deliberate calculation to present these elements in the streetwear brand, depicting a night experiencing the streets. The combination of art, life, and energy is displayed as Colpo describes, “We went to Chinatown in a big van which the models changed in. We couldn't have a fixed spot because we were going to photograph on the streets and the proposal was to have this movement. We would be doing hair and steaming clothes in alleyways…not a glamorous setting but we were more interested in capturing excitement than creating an imaginary dream state. I remember stopping a gentleman who was walking his big dog and asking him to let the dog be in some photos. We wanted reality to be a big part of this. That being said, it wasn’t dull in any way. We put a pink wing on the model, really cool and wild. I tried to show that Chilli Beans person is really cool, a little bit sexy and extravagant but in a real way; a young adult that are not afraid of changes and really knows what she/he wants. The look is authentic, fashion, transgressor. With look that we can use during day or night. Nothing too much out of reality, plus it’s a commercial brand and Brazil still have a conservative thinking in some places. That’s why we played with the wing.

The fashion industry has received criticism for pandering to “unrealistic” body types and sizes. Colpo notes that this is something that the Chilli Beans brand openly contradicts, and she feels This is a very Brazilian element. She comments, “For the most part, Brazilian people are ethnically mixed. As a result, we are very open to beauty in a different standard than some other parts of the world. The Brazilian way is to see beauty in the individual and the embracing of joy. In my work, I didn't follow a body type, I preferred to follow the main pillars that the Brand wanted to expose: Sexy, urban, and fashion…to allow any person with any type of body who identified themselves with those “values” to feel connected with the clothes.” There’s a lot of positivity, joy, and talent in Pamela Colpo and her fashion based view of the world.

Iboga treatment

Iboga is a perennial rainforest shrub and psychedelic, native to western Central Africa. Iboga stimulates the central nervous system when taken in small doses and induces visions in larger doses. In parts of Africa where the plant grows, the bark of the root is chewed for various pharmacological or ritualistic purposes.

Ibogaine, the active alkaloid, is also used to treat substance abuse disorders and depression. The iboga experience based on Bwiti tradition helps people move past the blocks that all we as humans have to deal with in form or another. As humans, we all go through life and things come up for us. As we move through life certain situations come up for us that are challenging and those experiences can follow us around through our life and effect the way we feel and the decisions/actions we take. Iboga is a tool to help us live our best life. It allows us to process our past and bring us into the future where the only thing ever really happening is the "now."

The energy and reach of Iboga is completely different than Ayahuasca. Where Ayahuasca is called the liane of the soul, Iboga is called the root of the earth. And that is exactly what Iboga will bring you: Grounding.

Just recently, interviewed an iboga provider on The Crazy Mind magazine:

"Being an iboga provider is the most humbling and I am honored to be a part of someone's healing. I come from a traditional path rather than a scientific path so my training involved many years before I was blessed by my teacher to now serving the medicine for others."

Iboga is a traditional psychedelic that surrounded with thousands of years old rituals. Iboga providers try to collect this traditional method with modern medicine. You can read more on iboga treatment at http://iboga.io/

Psychology in the Light of the East

In this world-gone-mad, an understanding and means of reaching well-being beyond medicated adaptation aided by prescription meds provides a pertinent and refreshing change of paradigm. The predominant uni-dimensional approach to well-being and human potential might mask our suffering but it can be harmful to the body and psyche. What’s more, it may leave the soul wanting. Integral Psychology, a holistic approach, addresses the well being of body, mind and emotions and also the evolutionary potential of tuning in and aligning to the soul. Margot Borden, Psychotherapist and author of Psychology in the Light of the East explained in a recent interview how she works from a spiritual perspective. This opens up a rich potential for both our psychological and spiritual healing and development.

"Addressing the spiritual dimensions in our therapeutic approaches helps us make meaning from our ordinary and spiritual experiences alike. We develop a healthy relationship with our whole self, including our spiritual aspects."

Psychology in the Light of the East explains a view of psychotherapy that is holistic, addressing, as Ken Wilber put it: body, emotions, mind, soul, spirit and, our relationship to nature and society. Holistic (incorporating the concept of holism, or the idea that the whole is more than merely the sum of its parts, in theory or practice: holistic psychology)- psychotherapy takes into consideration the entire individual, mental, social and spiritual dimensions rather than reducing our understanding and treatment of all issues and disorders to merely physiological or mental causes. Psychotherapy, when approached from an integral perspective empowers clients to overcome emotional wounding, trauma, difficulty or disease by first identifying the core cause and then by working with each issue from the level of consciousness from which it stems. By bringing both psychological and spiritual dimensions into her work, Borden makes a powerful cocktail for holistic healing and development.
Benefits of Holistic Psychotherapy
Every human being has a greater potential. Whether it is to heal and overcome basic life issues, inner or outer conflicts, emotional disturbance or to address the far reaching dimensions of spiritual issues or spiritual quest. Integral Psychotherapy can be sought to address a wide range of difficulties and challenges:

• Dealing with emotional difficulty such as anger, depression, anxiety, stress and more
• Recovery and living with sickness/illness
• Relationship issues
• Sleep issues
• Pre and Postnatal help
• Existential crisis – search for meaning, feeling lost, feeling blocked
• Personal development – exploring potential, overcoming blockages
• Spiritual/religious issues and imbalances
• Spiritual development

Integral Psychotherapy aspires to addressing and working with the full range of human experience. This includes issues arising from the subconscious mind (all of the experiences of this lifetime from conception onwards), the conscious mind (thoughts, attitudes, behaviors—which may stem from subconscious motivations too), the superconscious (all of our memories from all of our lifetimes, family and ancestral karma and subtle level disturbances) and the supraconscious (our consciousness, and ultimately, realisation of the indwelling divine).

Addressing human potential from a multi-dimensional perspective (body, mind, soul, spirit) evokes the need for suitable treatment modalities. In her book, Borden, goes beyond a one-size fits all approach and covers an exhaustive description of issues, the levels of consciousness from which they stem and recommended treatment modalities ranging from ordinary person-centred counselling and behavioural interventions to further reaching approaches such as breathwork, mindfulness and past life regression. Above all, Borden points out that while choosing the right technique for the right client and issue are important, the consciousness and intent of the therapist are key. Mindfulness and yoga add further strength to a truly comprehensive and multi-dimensional worldview and therapeutic approach that opens up possibilities for personal and collective evolution. Borden’s vast knowledge spans more than 30 years of research and clinical practice as conveyed in numerous vignettes that appear throughout the book, bringing to life the concepts she artfully conveys.

"We must delve into the deepest and sometimes darkest places in our heart, and psyche. When done with compassion, humor and as much wisdom as one can fathom, this leads to finding the light at the depth of our being." 

Psychology in the Light of the East invites the reader on a journey of self-discovery through the history of psycho-spiritual belief systems in the East and West through to the possibilities of a new healing paradigm, a road map for wholesome, meaningful and soul-centred living.

Anarchy Brothers Press, Christopher John Scruton

Christopher John Scruton is the owner and operator of Anarchy Brothers Press, an independent comic book publisher and digital store. 

Passionate about writing from the age of nine, he had a rough upbringing and often turned to comic books as a refuge away from the horror around him. He was born with a learning disorder, and in elementary school, a teacher sexually molested him. That teacher never served any time in prison, and as a result, Christopher has been distrustful of authority figures throughout his life.


Christopher John Scruton

Forever King: Surviving the loss of my unborn child

This book is for both Mothers and Fathers who lost a child/children. Diana Sims is a Survivor. Her passion is helping other women continue to live while grieving the loss of their children by early loss in pregnancy, miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant loss. Diana’s transparency will inspire and help you see the light at the end of the tunnel or a new beginning from the previous end.

In an interview we have conducted with her she talks about her relation to the book:

"After completing my book. It was like a cleansing came over me, with my emotions. At first, I was timid about being so transparent and sharing such intimate details of my life. My son King. Putting his picture on the cover of my book was such a release and to finally be able to show my beautiful baby to the world."