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    Zinpea features art, photography, travelers, creatives and cool projects of interesting people

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Diary of Fantastic Discoveries - Jessica Cote

What is the humanism challenge about?

My humanism challenge is about finding that which makes us better. The challenge is meant to bring forth an active need to get involved with each other instead of piling ourselves in the screens of a cell phone. I want to show the kindness of human beings by trying to bring people together in a movement to act with our hearts and not our greedy souls. We have seen far too much violence being exploited by the media, and I think if we act to shine light on the good things in life we may see a slight change. In a prior post I write an apology “ So let me apologize to those that are not humanists as being a humanist is about caring for life. Every life matters. We are not above or below one another. Nor are we made to fight against one another because of the color of our skin, or the cultures we follow. A open mind is a perfect mind.” In my eyes, this speaks perfectly to what the humanist challenge is about and I would love to see people spin a creative twist on this little challenge.

Which are 3 topmost challenges, and why?

I think the hardest challenges on my humanism list stem from what is hard for me to do. One such challenge is making something handmade because I am not much of a crafter, nor do I have the grandest ability to do origami. I think one time I tried to do a flower but had to fold it up and throw it out. I’ve tried to knit, weave, make jewelry, and other artsy stuff my brain always screws it somehow. I really wanted to give a person a handcrafted gift but all I could do was manage to make them a card for their birthday. Go me...right?

My second most difficult challenge was not difficult by the act but was difficult by character. I needed to pick a world topic that bothered me and I still have half a mind to go on a tangent about the Sandy Hook shooting that happened in Connecticut years ago. The event is supposed to be relevant to recent news, and display a problem people are having in a place far far away from our home land. ( no matter where you are just make sure it is another country if you partake in the challenge.) I have yet to write up on this number on my list which is number twenty nine if you are curious because it’s so difficult for me to find one subject that is distinctively a problem worldwide that I can say is truly an issue on a societal level aside from technology.

The last difficult challenge for me was keeping at it. Life often finds its fleeting hands pushing us away from writing like a gust of wind can flutter a feather farther than we could run in a second. I found it more difficult trying to make sure I meet each goal or post in a week hard because I had to make sure to jot down what I did that week, or to write the post based on pure memory. However, I think it made me challenge my own perceptions of life, and make me more accepting of people overall.

What inspires you to write and share about the topic about humanism on your "Diary of Fantastic Discoveries"?

Just like everyone has a reason for picking the job they want to study I have a reason for picking up the topic of humanism. I have a sob story which is kind of like a river that never stops getting overflowed. My mother is a handicapped woman having had to raise two children on her own with only a one thousand dollar a month income. It taught me self sacrifice, acceptance, and the struggle of having to find a way to make ends meet. Most of all it made me think that human nature is a complicated beast. We are both kind, and greedy. I wanted to spread light on helping other human beings are struggling like me because life is not easy, nor is it kind to those who are less fortunate. The topic choice is more to help me keep a positive light about humanity than to believe in the negativity of human beings. Our human hearts need compassion as much as we need sleep.

What are essentially the reasons in your personal opinion, to why toxicity exists?

I believe toxicity rests in our societies because of human nature. Human nature is evolving and as it does so we do to. We have become ridden by toxicity due to our consumeristic society, and our inability to let technology rest. If you think about most relationships these days have to go through dealing with social media, and the angst of a lover cheating. It also makes people believe that if that every relationship will end, that a better person is out there, and that no one will catch them if they do something wrong.

I mean we see plenty of tragedies on television with a lot of violent acts being spotlighted on the news. Our personalities have good points and bad points with no one being perfect not even me. So, I believe toxicity exists because people continue to feed it.

How do we base relationships on toxicity?

Our relationships are based on toxicity today because most friends believe another will stab them in the back, or that a lover will cheat. The whole friends with benefits craze is a way to pretend that toxicity is not ruling you when in reality you are keeping yourself from a healthy relationship. It is like buying a cookie and then thinking about eating a salad later. A toxic relationship is one where you feel like you're stuck in the hole between wonderland and reality that you just can’t dig yourself out of. I try to explain the core types of toxicity on my blog to try and help me understand the people around me.

Alas, after reading all of this I am also writing posts for a creative questions series. So you may find a few dimes of information in that too.

Jessica Cote, Writer of Fantastic Diaries, blogger, Author

The battle of the Erathiel: Across the Enchanted Sea by Constanza Mayer

The Battle of the Erathiel: Across the Enchanted Sea is a great read for anyone who enjoys a good fictional story! The author jumps right into the story, right from the beginning, which makes it very hard to put the book down, because you’re wondering who these characters are and what is going to happen to them. From the first chapter we learn about the big storm that causes huge chaos and despair and the story line evolves from that.

The style of writing reminds me of the book Narnia with a dash of Lord of the Rings. It takes you to a place so far from reality that you forget about the rest of the world and all your problems go away for the time being.

Constanza Mayer, the author of The Battle of the Erathiel: Across the Enchanted Sea, is very talented writer and an inspiring artist. She has traveled a lot in the past and lived in many different cities and she had to start over from scratch each time. She gave up a great job that gave her lots of joy to write this story, which takes a lot of courage. She gets her uniqueness and strength from her past life experiences and she uses them to entertain and teach people something new.

Read our interview with Constanza Mayer at TheCrazyMind.

Sitara Collections

Sitara Collections was started with a mission to bring artisan handmade jewelry and gifts from India to the USA. You can feel good about your purchase because Sitara Collections is dedicated to giving back to the region that’s given the world so much beauty. 

First, they contract with highly skilled Indian artisans who are paid fairly for their remarkable designs. This also allows the artists to keep traditional craftsmanship alive while working from their own villages. 

Secondly, Sitara Collections donates a portion of their net proceeds to the Sitara Foundation, which supports the SVV School in India. It’s their way of putting a little love and equality into every purchase. 

Sitara Collections promotes socially conscious shopping by offering inspiring handmade jewelry and gifts that are ethically produced by talented artisans. Over the years, Sitara Collections has developed partnerships with artisans based on trust and mutual respect and with the singular goal of bringing their high quality, handcrafted jewelry and fair trade gifts to the global audience. 

These are people Sitara Collections know personally, and they are excited to help turn their time-honored traditional craftsmanship of jewelry and gifts—each piece distinctive in its ancestral provenance while also managing to capture a contemporary allure we know you will love.

Scrapbook Your Christian Faith: The Beginners Guide to Scrapbooking Your Spiritual Legacy

What is Faithbooking? 
 “Faithbookingis the art of creating a Scrapbook about your Faith. The Faithbook includes scriptures, pictures, prayers, and stories about God’s presence in your life.

When did you first learn about scrapbooking? How did it change you? 
Several years ago, due to chronic illness and daily pain, I had to stop my teaching career. I had been in the education field for 18 years, and it was a shock to my system when the doctors told me I would not be able to return to my classroom. I believe that God has a special plan for you and me and each one of us. The Bible tells us “For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord. They are plans for good and not for evil to give you a future and a hope.” Jer. 29:11 (TLB) I didn’t understand. “But God, what is your plan for me? I thought it was to teach my middle school students.” I cried. I prayed. I wrestled with what God wanted me to do. I knew it wasn’t to lie around on the sofa watching TV and waiting for Him to call me home to Heaven one day. I felt God was whispering in my heart to write stories of how He’s been faithful to me and my family. So, I started jotting down notes and throwing them into files and piles. Around the same time, my cousin (Nora) came to visit our family. She brought her scrapbook. While I was amazed at her beautiful layouts, I knew I could not do anything like that because I have never been artistic. But the seed had been planted and I was interested. I attended several 101 level scrapbook classes at local craft stores. After I created a few pages, I felt that something was missing. It was my Faith. It’s a huge part of my life and I wanted evidence of my Faith to be on the pages I leave for my family and future generations. But how could I combine Faith and Scrapbooking? I tried to find a book to help me. At that time, there were lots of books on Scrapbooking techniques but only a few on the “Faithbook” aspect. So I set out to write the book I needed as a beginner in Faithbooking. I entitled it: Scrapbook Your Christian Faith—the Beginners Guide to Scrapbooking Your Spiritual Legacy.

How do you consider what is a life altering event?
Life altering events may change a person’s life forever. Examples include: 
· Birth of a baby or grandbaby 
· Death of a loved one 
· Chronic disease or daily pain 
· Retirement 
· Receiving your first AARP card (realizing you’re growing older)

What kind of stories and spiritual messages should be told to the next generation? Why should they be preserved? 
As Christians, we should all share our beliefs with generations which follow us. The Bible admonishes us to do this numerous times in God’s Word. 

…One generation makes known His faithfulness to the next. Isaiah 38:19 (TLB) 

…Be very careful never to forget what you have seen the Lord do for you. Do not let these things escape from your mind as long as you live! And be sure to pass them on to your children and grandchildren. Deuteronomy 4:9 (NLT) 

 …I will show you lessons from our history, stories handed down to us from former generations. I will reveal these truths to you so that you can describe these glorious deeds of Jehovah to your children, and tell them about the mighty miracles He did. Psalm 78:3-4 (TLB) As Christians, we should all be prepared to tell our testimony of how we accepted Jesus as our Savior and what He has done in our life. We will all have the common factor of inviting Jesus into our heart, we will each have our own unique story. First Peter 3:15 tells us: 

 …Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who ask you to give the reason for the hope you have. (NIV) We may have one special story or many stories where we have experienced the power or peace of God. By sharing your stories of your struggles and how God was with you and brought you through them, it may give courage and hope to your great grandchild whom you may never meet. Other items you may choose include scriptures and prayers.

After writing your book, Scrapbook Your Christian Faith: The Beginners Guide to Scrapbooking Your Spiritual Legacy, how do you intend to reach more people to start on their own “Faithbooking?” 

I am using social media and writing articles. I also enjoy teaching classes on Faithbooking. While in the past, these classes have been in person in churches and a civic center in various states. However, my future plans are to create an on-line course.

Thank you Zinpea, for giving me this opportunity to share some of my Faithbooking Journey with your followers. I hope some will be inspired to share their spiritual messages with those who will follow them. Blessings to All in their Faithbooking Journey!

Donna Riner Weber

Halimah Belows: Champion Your Career review

Halimah Belows, the author, who is also a career coach, a counselor and much more. She is a well -educated professional, who sees the need in a very relevant problematic area these days, which is finding a career.

This book is not only for freshly graduated twenty-somethings, but also for people who are looking for a career change. People who feel stuck in a 9-5 job and the only thing that keeps them going is day dreaming about the weekend. It is also for people who are trying to retire but can’t afford to do it yet. Basically for anyone who needs career advice.

The title Champion Your Career has a positive ring to it. Once you read the book and make the necessary steps towards your dreams you will feel like a champion. You will learn to master the tools the author provides in her book in order to find the job that is right for you.

The book’s purpose is to energize people. It is a very uplifting read, it gives you the courage you need to take the next step. Sometimes the things we desire so much are only an arm reach away, but we are scared to reach out in the unknown. You will not loose an arm, nor should you be scared. Halimah Belows walks you through your chosen path, step by step.


Myles Stafford is an adventure novelist who lives in the Oregon rain-forest. His post-apocalypse book series is THE KILLER ANGEL. This is an exciting series about a young woman's survival in a climate somewhat similar to "World War Z" or "28 Days Later".

The Earth is in a post-apocalyptic state with only a few survivors. A virus has spread and took out the majority of the planet's population. We have heard this story before, zombie movies and books have been coming out for a couple of years now. It's frightening to think about what life would be like if we had to fight for survival on a daily basis. What it would be like to see your loved ones and friends turn into flesh eating creatures.

We learn through Nicki, the lead character, what hell might be like. So far she has survived on this rigid Earth, her experiences toughen and harden her. Somehow she stays sane, as much as she can in this world and despite the constant fight for her life, she is able to have faith and some space in her heart for love…

I find the book very immersive. As you get deeper into the story it becomes clear that the author has a strong attachment to his lead character. We learn from his short autobiography that he also works for the military. I believe his passion for saving humanity appears in his writing.

It is an easy read and the monologs make the story very believable.

More info:
Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Myles-Stafford/e/B011VO346K
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MylesAStafford

Gideon Smith - Musician

Gideon Smith is a North Carolina based musician. His music has been compared to classic rock groups like The Doors, Led Zeppelin, The Cult and others. His bluesy psychedelic style has been heard on television programs like The Sopranos, Sons of Anarchy and more. Here is his new website which features news, his music history, writing and interviews with recent featured guests. www.gideonsmith.net