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    Zinpea features art, photography, travelers, creatives and cool projects of interesting people

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  • Zinpea

    Zinpea features art, photography, travelers, creatives and cool projects of interesting people

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  • Zinpea

    Zinpea features art, photography, travelers, creatives and cool projects of interesting people

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Table Tonics: A Beginner's Guide To Botanical Medicine For Strength, Balance and Longevity

Peter Sundance's "How To" Guide gives straightforward instructions for personal transformation through the natural Medicine of Mother Nature. Learn the Art and Practice of Self-Compassion to bring you into the present moment.

Rei, Graphic Designer

Do you guys have any design work that’s needs doing? My friend Rei is an awesome graphic designer! Check him out:


The Aquitaine Reluctant Reader Series

The Aquitaine Reluctant Reader Series is the new nook of children's book author Mary J. Nickum. The series will be available during the fall of 2016 and after the Mom’s Story, a Child Learns about MS and A Girl Named Mary; the early life of the girl who would become the Mother of Jesus, this will be the third large publication of the author.

Mary J. Nickum earned a B.A. degree in English Education at Northland College, Ashland, WI, a Masters in Librarianship at the University of Washington, Seattle, WA and a Masters in Interdisciplinary Studies from Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR. She worked as a librarian before and now as a retired librarian, she is active as editor, publisher and freelance writer.

In an interview, that we have conducted with her she introduced her new book as the following:

"This series is a “picture book” for young adults, who for a multitude of reasons, do not like to read. They can read, they just think they have better, more interesting things to do."

"The reluctant reader is an underserved population in schools, especially high schools, which assume students are interested and will spend the time necessary to read assignments. Not so; they need material that is closely aligned to their school curriculum, most usually prescribed by the Common Core, which is presented in an interesting format, especially copiously illustrated with graphs, side bars and photographs."

You can find more information on Mary J. Nickum at:


America Invades

Did you know that there are only three countries in the world that America has NOT been involved with militarily? Do you want to know which are these countries?

Then worth to read Christopher Kelly's and Stuart Laycock's book "America Invades" on America's military involvement with the world from 1741 to the present. I love history and I especially like monumental historical books or documentary films that are exploring specific historical events from a given perspective. "Americ Invades" was written with a non-partisan approach helping us to face with many facts on America's military history.

In This Moment Angels' Sweet Reflections by Brenda Rachel

Brenda Rachel, Inspirational and Spiritual Author of the Angelic Quote Book "In This Moment Angels' Sweet Reflections" and Music EP "In This Moment" invites you to be inspired while visiting her website http://www.brendarachel4angels.com. Her desire is to inspire everyone who comes across her path to want to change our world through respect, caring, kindness, compassion and consideration into one of Unconditional Love and Universal Peace.

When you were on disability and unable to walk for several months due to bilateral plantar fasciitis in both feet, which emotion was the most unbearable?

Not only was I physically disabled, I was also emotionally impaired, as I had lost all Hope of ever having a normal life again.  My prognosis was positive if I followed an intense rehabilitation program and wore special shoes (no more fancy dress shoes for me), as I was no longer able to wear regular footwear.  I initially had to roll my feet on a pop bottle which had been filled with water and frozen, to bring some relief from the intense, almost unbearable pain.  Hiking had been one of my passions, as well as white water rafting, and I was incredibly disappointed that I would no longer be hiking in my forests, communing with God in nature with my dog by my side or rafting on my wild rivers.  Without Hope I felt Hopeless.  I was lost, sad, depressed, and had no direction or motivation to do anything.  Hopeful was not a word I would have heard at that time.

How did you overcome the most painful period in your life?

My sister sent me a book of Doreen Virtue’s entitled “Angel Medicine” and this was the commencement of my “Journey with the Angels” which has totally turned my life around and helped me heal myself (along with the angels’ help of course) through many disabilities.  During this disability period, I asked God and the Angels three questions: What did they want me to learn from this experience?  What messages did they want me to share with others?  How could I serve them?

Did you become a composer and songwriter of inspirational/spiritual music after being an author of an inspirational/spiritual quote book, IN THIS MOMENT ANGELS’ SWEET REFLECTIONS? What or who inspires you to be a composer?

I became a composer and songwriter of inspirational/spiritual music before I became a published author.  I was used by the angels in both disability periods as their conduit to be a “Messenger of Hope” for them.  By sharing my story of being completely disabled for lengthy periods in my life and asking God and the angels my three questions (as stated above in the previous question), the angels began channeling their music and lyrics to me between 2004 and 2006 while I was suffering with bilateral plantar fasciitis.  In 2015 when I was completely debilitated with back and hip pain the angels (after me asking them my same three questions) began channeling inspirational/spiritual quotes which were published into my book “IN THIS MOMENT ANGELS’ SWEET REFLECTIONS”.

Do you have a musical background?

My musical career was very short-lived.  I took piano lessons for about 6 weeks when I was 5 years old from my mom, Barbara Solis, who was a well-known Canadian Spanish concert pianist in the Ottawa area.  She studied in Spain for many years and I was fortunate enough to be able to visit her while she was in Madrid studying.  I continued playing the piano into my teen years, teaching myself, as I was able to read music and mostly played hymns, which I loved to sing while playing the piano.

Which exact words of encouragement and love help you personally to rekindle your belief in Hope?

The angels gave me many inspirational/spiritual quotes but the two relating to Hope and the two relating to Love that I would want each person to carry in their hearts and minds, and can be found on my website http://www.brendarachel4angels.com are:
Hope is Our Key to Opening the “Door to Endless Possibilities”
(H.O.P.E.) – Helping Others By Providing Encouragement
Love Heals Everything
Be Love.  See Love.  Live Free With Love.

I believe that when my Spirit is in complete harmony with my Soul’s purpose, I am the Messenger of Hope for the Angels that I was brought here to be.  I am excited and passionate about sharing the inspiration and spiritual wisdom that has been imparted to me through them.  It is my hope and vision that I can inspire “Everyone who comes across My Path to Help Change this World into One of Unconditional Love and Universal Peace through Respect, Caring, Consideration, Compassion and Kindness”.

Simon’s Blogs

SimonTheSorcerer creates and manages successful blogs in difficult niches. He does not use spammy marketing techniques, he is doing this as ethically as he can. All of his blogs are dedicated to responsibility, safety and he is committed to providing genuinely useful information to his visitors. We have conducted an interview with him.

What exactly is Performance-based affiliate marketing?
Performance-based affiliate marketing is the exact opposite of traditional fixed price advertising. Affiliate blogs only receive payment from the advertising partner if the people who click on the affiliate partner’s ads actually end up buying the product. This creates a win-win situation for both parties.

As an affiliate blogger do you add something new and unique to the conversation?
First of all, many people assumed, that affiliate blogs are not impartial. But nothing is further from the truth, now in 2016, nearly every major company in almost every niche has an affiliate program. Therefore we can truly select and work with the best.

An affiliate blog creates value the following way:

• By doing price comparisons of various products, to help buyers find the best price per value
• By providing a place, where people can express their opinions about companies and their products freely.
• By publishing independent, impartial reviews
• By creating insightful, in-depth guides
• By answering questions and helping visitors with whatever problem they have.

In short, a good affiliate blog is a combination of a customer support team, a consumer advocacy group and an in-depth niche blog.

Besides hard work, what do you believe that makes an online business a success?
You have to be different than your competitors. We focus on niches with unsavory reputation. And unlike our competitors we do this ethically, legally and with a strong focus on prevention, safety, hard reduction and responsibility. We also donate part of the company’s revenue to various charities using the non-profit website Kiva.org.

What are the biggest challenges of your line of work?
If work with difficult niches (gambling, porn, e-cigarettes, viagra etc…), and even if you do this 100% ethically most people won’t give you the time of day. You are just simply barred from most forms of advertising. It requires constant out-of-the-box thinking and finding creative solutions to overcome this.

How did you end up working with so-called difficult niches?
Before I started my own online media company I worked for an online marketing agency for years. And I saw just how greedy, irresponsible and negligent most affiliate blog owners in these niches are. I decided to start my own affiliate websites and show them, that you can still make money doing it ethically and responsibly and without using black hat (unethical) online marketing techniques. And as they say, the rest is history.

Do you think you are making a difference?
Yes. Slowly, but our ethical, professional affiliate websites do seem to have an influence on our competitors. Obviously, we won’t be able to change the entire industry overnight, but slowly, one blog at a time, we are making a difference.

Thank you for the opportunity!
Simon András Péter (a.k.a SimonTheSorcerer)

The Fox Magazine

The Fox Magazine is a contemporary magazine that is focused on inspiring individuals all over the world. The magazin inspires people through visual media in categories like photography, travel, food, fashion music and technology. They became a platform to increase exposure for anyone involved.

More info at:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thefoxmagazine
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